Hi! I’m Hazel and welcome to my blog where I’ll focus mostly on motherhood, rekindling my love for cooking and baking as well as food.

I’m a first time mom to a sassy spunky little girl, we’re both an Aries, so I already know raising her will be a very interesting adventure. I’m diagnosed with Anxiety, Depression and OCD. So it’s no surprise that despite the tranquil experience of giving birth I was hit with Postpartum Depression and I’m still dealing with it now, 10 months later. Trying to pull myself out and figure out who I am in this new role is hard, a lot harder than I thought it would be. But I’m determined to figure it out and heal.

Beyond that I’m a huge bookworm, a gamer, a life long blogger, a social media addict who actually majored and graduated in it from Full Sail University. A former Walt Disney World Cast Member who misses it every single day. A Bath & Body Works collector and a makeup junkie. My drug of choice: Coffee and Cherry Coke.

Join me on my new journey; I can’t wait to see where this year takes me!

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