Bits of This Week;

I use to do this on my super old personal blog but it was more like a weekly recap. I enjoyed making those posts and I miss doing them. Maybe I’ll do them here now? We’ll see.

This week I’ve been super busy working on my new food blog; I decided to create a blog where I review food and snacks because I’m not ready for people to find this blog yet (specifically my in laws). I wish you could block certain IP’s or something. I’ve also been working on my mental health blog, my candle/beauty blog and me and my bff’s wellness/travel blog.

Things have be a bit stressful; it’s the month of my dad’s first death anniversary and I’m not sure how I’m going to react. But Bubba keeps saying “there’s no reason to be sad,” uh it’s my DAD’s DEATH ANNIVERSARY? And the FIRST ONE at that? But ok. I swear people don’t get what it’s like to lose a parent until they’ve lost one. It’s not like you’re choosing to feel these things, you just end up feeling them. Not to mention, when it comes to my dad’s death I’m struggling a lot with unsaid words, not being there more and just a lot of other regret feelings.

Tums is growing up so fast that sometimes I feel like I blink and a whole year or something has passed. Even though she’s not even a year and a half yet. She’s able to play games and navigate around the Kindle. She enjoys watching Daniel Tiger (who I think is SUPER annoying), dancing to get out of trouble and she says she “didn’t” do something that I obviously just watched her do. She’s not confident enough to walk by herself yet but she’s getting there! She also really likes to snack on chips and loves noodles.

Oh and she loves her sister Sophie! Last week she was giving Sophie kisses and Sophie was licking her arm (her version of kisses). Sophie doesn’t really kiss anyone but me and now Bubba so it made my heart melt to see that she kissed Tums back, esp since I’m certain she doesn’t trust the little human lol. Then a few days later Tums crawls over to Sophie and pulls her into this huge hug. Sophie was obviously stressed out about it but she kinda didn’t fight it either. Wish I had caught it on camera but I had no idea Tums was even going to do that lol. I tried to wait for her to do it again, but she didn’t lol.

First Fall B&BW Haul

Fall has started in my life and I’m super excited. I’m going to  try to be more mindful about the snacks I grab this year and try to review them within the week I get them. Follow my food blog for those happenings (though I may be compelled to post some of the reviews here as well). I ended up exchanging a bunch of stuff I wasn’t going to use for some new stuff I hope to (mostly) use. I did end up exchanging that Pumpkin Donut one. It smelled so good IN the store but at home not so much. Maybe it was JUST THE STORE. Who knows. But I feel like most of the Pumpkin bakery scents are way too sweet. I miss the 2016 collection that had more spice notes than sweet ones.

I hate the new WP editor and I keep switching back to classic but it’s kind of hard to do certain things for some reason. Like I’m trying to attach a link and it won’t let me. Weird. But the new editor lags my laptop like crazy!

Our sleep schedule has also been WAY off lately. Tums has been waking up super early; like anywhere from 7-9am then taking an earlier nap. But she’s also going to be earlier too, around 10-11pm since Bubba’s work schedule has changed as well. That’s probably why I feel so drained and unaware of what day it is lol. We’ll get use to it eventually!

How are all of you doing? Anything interesting happen this week? Let me know in the comments below!


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