Brain Fog + Motherhood

I know this is weird space of time for everyone and even though my usual life routines haven’t changed I still feel like I’m losing track of time like everyone else is.

Mentally I don’t feel like I’ve been doing  better in the last month or so. I feel like my progress has somehow stopped. They indeed increased my medication dosage and I thought that would help but I do know some doses do more for you and others may not do anything or make things worse. I do feel emotionally stable which is always a good thing but I wouldn’t stay I feel as  better as I had expected to.

Today seems to be a mental struggle day for me; issues with bills being paid, having to change all my payment info since my ex decided to steal money from my bank account (how is beyond me) and having to close it down. The same bank account I’ve had for 5 years now and linked to all of my bill payments. On top of Tums being more awake and active and taking shorter and shorter naps and in need of constant attention like you wouldn’t believe (which I don’t mind at all, but dammit child let me send one stinking email will yah). To somehow making sure I remember to blog and tweet.

Today everything just feels really heavy and all I want to do is hide under the blankets and sleep.

That’s all, that’s the whole blog entry. No photos. No event recap (though that’s coming soon). Just me and WordPress.

Hopefully this small brain dumping will help.

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