Foodie | Cherry Coca Cola Energy Drink

Cherry Coca Cola Energy. My husband actually told me about this before I found out about it.

It joins two of my favorite things in the world: Cherry Coke and Energy Drinks. Add a shot of coffee and I’ll be one very hopped up girl on caffeine. Good thing caffeine doesn’t actually  do anything for me, right?!

Cherry Coca Cola Energy

I actually spotted this in Target one night after a long day ending with a grocery run. And I was  thirsty. So I figured why not give this a try. I had been holding off because you know when you get  really excited about something you have all these hopes and dreams for it and you don’t want to be let down?

Yeah, I get like that. A lot. A little more than I’d like to admit.

I have a cabinet of snacks to prove it.

I’ll say this much; it does AND doesn’t taste like Cherry Coke. How is that possible? I’m not entirely sure. But it happens. In your mouth. It doesn’t exactly taste like an energy drink either. Like you don’t get that typical energy drink after taste (which I don’t really mind… I mean I live for Monster’s). But what you DO get is a really weird strong herbal tea after taste.

And ironically, this drink woke me up a little bit after drinking a few sips.

I’m not kidding.

I even had my husband who HATES energy drinks try it and he said the same thing: herbal tea after taste and he was a little bit more awake after about 2-3 sips.

It was crazy.

I didn’t love this as much as I thought I would but I didn’t exactly hate it either… I’m somewhere sort of in the middle I guess. Would I buy it again? Maybe. Maybe after a second shot I’ll have a better understanding of my feelings towards it. Would I pick it over a Monster? No. Would I pick it over a Cherry Coke? Also no.

But it was definitely an interesting experience and fun to try!

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