Fort Worth | Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

The husband decided to take me to a nice lunch out and suggested Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen; I had never heard of it but looking it up on Yelp, I see it has a really pretty courtyard and seafood. Lots and lots of seafood.

I realize most of the photos I took that day are in Snapchat format and unedited. I may replace them with edited versions later if they end up really bothering me.

Also, most photos include the kid. I was pretty excited to have her there with us.

I started with the Oysters; they gave me 6 huge ones. There wasn’t an option for less. And they were A LOT. I think I had about 2 before I called it quits – I’m still new to the Oyster life but I’m glad I’m here!

In addition to that I also had the Lobster Bisque which is probably the best Lobster Bisque I’ve had in DFW so far, a creamy smooth delicious Baked Potato and a side of Red Beans & Rice which I could do without next time. No pics of the other eats as… I was eating them lol. I don’t normally forget to take pics but I was hungry!

Bubba had some kind of platter with Shrimp, Fish and I think Chicken. The Shrimp was delicious. I’d take a plate of those next time.

And that’s Tums eating her Mashed Potatoes, with her hands. She was so distracted with all the people that were there lol. Silly girl. But she ate A LOT. So much in fact that she fell asleep in the car on the way to the mall and slept pretty much the whole mall trip!

I had originally wanted the Dessert Platter. It looked amazing. But I was so full by the time I was done that I just opted for the Crème Brulee.

And it was P E R F E C T I O N.

But big enough for 2, that’s for sure. Bubba got the Key Lime Pie which was really good but honestly, big enough for 3. These desserts are no joke! I’m definitely getting this again!

Our meal was amazing and our server was just as amazing; he made sure to accommodate Tums as much as he could as well. It really made our experience that much better!

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