Hello 2021

That means the courage to stand up for myself. To make it known that my boundaries are just that and if someone else can’t see/handle that then they can get out of my space. Courage to call people out on their bullshit instead of staying quiet and letting them manipulate me. The courage to find the strength to do whatever I can to make sure Tums has a good life.

A friend of mine recently said she wanted to create a place to talk about the hardships of postpartum and she’s struggling with coming to terms with what happened to her and her journey to healing; she had Postpartum Psychosis twice and I’m so glad that she’s finally getting the help she needs.

This blog, when I created it last year was suppose to be for just that. A place I could talk about PPD and a place where I could hopefully help someone else understand what they’re going through.

People love to tell you the blissful moments of motherhood but anything less than is hush hush and tbh, it shouldn’t be that way. ANYONE can end up with PPD or worse and women should be prepared for it when it does happen WITHOUT feeling like a “failure” or a “burden”.

There is nothing wrong or shameful about either of those things, it’s 2021, let’s change the conversation.

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