Hello Fresh; Garden Spinach Ricotta Ravioli

I recently subscribed to Hello Fresh and I’ve been enjoying it so far — and everything I’ve tried has tasted SO DAMN GOOD. Like these meals are  amazing! In total I’ve made 2 meals and Bubba has made 2 meals. If you decide to dabble in it make sure you have the basics on hand: oil, butter, salt and pepper. Everything else they’ll take care of!

I failed to successfully record my first Hello Fresh experience but honestly I was so hungry and so excited that I didn’t really think about it until after I was done. So this is my second attempt!

I’ve been loving their Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli’s with some lemon? OHMYGAWD, so good!

So for my second box I picked up the Garden Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, what drew me to this the most was the use of Zucchini. I am a sucker for Zucchini mixed with Tomato, I honestly don’t know why but it’s just always two things I love making together!

Hello Fresh provides you with all the ingredients in the bag and all the extra seasoning and things nicely sorted for you already so you don’t have to measure much of anything other than a few simple things here and there. I didn’t have one of those veggie peelers (I use to! And I miss it!) so I tried my best to slice the Zucchini as thin as I could. Keyword is “tried my best” lol. Whatever, IT STILL WORKED OUT!

I’m not by any means a chef. I went to culinary school for baking & pastry but when it comes to COOKING for FOOD, I’m so confused. My brother is way better at figuring out how to pair flavors than I am. At least with baking you can throw whatever flavors together and 40% of the time it could work out perfectly! With cooking the science just intimidates me more.

Which is crazy cause I love food, I just… am not good at making it. I won’t say I’m “not good” at making it. I’m not as creative, is what I mean.

I also hate stuff that require too many steps or for me to pre-heat the oven or to throw something in a pan and let it simmer. But veggies? They don’t take that long and I do like my Zucchini reallyyyy soft so eh it’s okay.

To be honest, as someone as lazy as me, Hello Fresh is amazing because it’s so simple and I literally feel like I barely did anything. Plus, I don’t have a mess of things all over my kitchen from this this and that laying around. I’m the kind of person who likes to clean as they go — I’ve had too many messy roommates that would cook and literally leave the dishes there for a whole week without batting an eye lash. I had one roommate who “loved to cook” and she would literally use EVERY. SINGLE. DISH. WE. HAD. And leave the dishes just sitting there. FOR A WEEK. So now I’m super obsessed with keeping my kitchen clean, dishes out of the sink and everything.

Cause if there’s one thing I hate more than a mess in my house/kitchen it’s bugs in my house. Hell to the no on that.

The final product! It doesn’t look exactly like the card photo but you know what, it’s okay.

It was delicious. I think I liked this more than the first one I made! And where the last one I ate it all in one go, this one actually filled me up a little faster. I don’t know if it was because this had veggies in it too or what. But the Zucchini and the Tomato really jazzed up the Ravioli (which honestly is amazing on its own).

If this pops back up as a selection I’m definitely grabbing it again!

Have you tried Hello Fresh? What has been your favorite recipe if you have?

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