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This blog started to be a food/motherhood blog and I’ve been hardcore slacking on posting here. I’m not really sure why. I do want to build this blog and it’s social media but lately I’ve just felt like time has been getting away from me. I guess because between moving, setting up appts for both Tums and Sophie and trying to catch up on the things we were suppose to do pre-Covid; not to mention prepping for the holidays and all the blogging goals that go with that… oh and “shorter days” can really throw a person for a loop!

I’ve been bookmarking articles like crazy on Food52 and MSN trying to find something quick, easy and fun to make for Fall and Halloween.

Here’s a few recipes I’m considering as well as some interesting articles I’m looking forward to reading. When I find a quiet moment to myself.

This is also a great way for me to find other food blogs!

MediaFeed shares 9 comfort food classics for cooler weather; I can’t wait for cooler weather and an excuse to live in hoodies, turn up the heater and eat nothing but potatoes with cheese and soups!

Self (never heard of this site but ok) shares 45 Breakfast Idea’s to Start The Day off Right; My husband LOVES breakfast. Anything and everything breakfast. I’m not a morning person; until I became a mother and had no choice so now I’m always on the hunt on what’s something quick, easy and yummy to make Tums for breakfast!

Eater reports that Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill in Las Vegas is closing down to make way for a new Italian restaurant; I had always wanted to eat at Mesa Grill (I’ve been going to Vegas since I was about 13) but my ex husband was “against fancy places” because they “made him uncomfortable” so there were a lot of places I missed out on. This being one and I’m so sad I won’t be able to ever try this place. Looking forward to the new place but still a bit sad.

Insider talks about 10 desserts you can make in the air fryer; I recently got an air fryer (and ironically haven’t used it for why I bought it in the first place) and I’ve been curious to know WHAT ELSE you can make in there besides you know, the usual frozen stuff. If I can air fry desserts? SAY. NO. MORE. FAM.

MediaFeed also posted 10 foods you shouldn’t eat before bed; this eliminates everything I eat/crave before bed. So am I just suppose to snack on air?

I try not to talk too much politics but if you saw the last debate these Tweets made my entire morning!

Shondaland shares different ways to cook with Pumpkin; I love creamy Pumpkin soups and I wish I knew how to make more Pumpkin dishes. There’s something so very soul comforting about them when the days get colder!

LoveFood shares ways to keep your freezer organized; when we moved into this bigger apt I told myself I was going to keep the kitchen and everything super organized but it’s been a challenge. Esp when the other family members don’t believe in keeping things organized. Or even clean. I really wanna give this method a try!

I know it’s too early to talk holidays but I’ve been hearing a lot about Stuffed Puffs and have yet to find them!

What are some Fall things you’re looking forward to cooking/baking?

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