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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Linkish Finds post on this blog — or any post really. About that later… maybe. If I can remember.

Easter is coming and it’s one of my favorite holidays, I’ll try to post up more content about Easter. It’s def going to be a bit more interesting now that Tums is older and more aware of things and candy. I’m building her a fairly small basket because honestly, what do you get a toddler for Easter?! They just want the candy and half the time they don’t really understand the concept of gifts.

I’m also SO ready for Spring. I’m over the cold weather here in Texas. Give me heat. Sun. And a lot of humidity!! My apt is always cold and I hate it. Seriously. It makes my joints ache.

On to the links;


Popsugar features a post about How To Cope With Seasonal Depression and still get things done. This is one I struggle with, a lot. I never really knew what to call it or what it was. I would just say oh, it’s November again because that was the month it would get REALLY bad; the funny part is as I got older my mom actually pointed out that I had it and she knew. YET SHE NEVER SAID ANYTHING?! Parents are weird.

Today is featuring an Amazon shower attachment that gives out spa vibes; I got kicked out of the Amazon Associates program, again lol. So this post doesn’t have any aff links. But I’m all for anything that gives out relaxing spa vibes. You can literally never have too much of that going on in your home!

Well + Good shares 6 dinner ideas you can make with your toaster oven; My mom had a toaster oven and she used it for everything. Had us use it for everything. And I never understood why. Or what the difference between that and the oven oven was. But now, as an adult, I get it. I can not be bothered to pre-heat the oven. Ever. If I can air fry it, well that’s where it’s gonna go. Salmon however? Probably not the best idea. Too bad my husband thinks a toaster oven is a “waste of money”. 

Gamepur just posted about Nintendo’s Animal Crossing address (complete with Dream Address) in celebration of Mario’s 35th Anniversary. I put the warp pipes on my streaming island because well, I’m lazy, and it’s possibly the best thing they’ve ever added to Animal Crossing. I also made a gaming blog here, if anyone cares.



  1. It is pretty cool to see what the internet has to offer with interesting content. I totally get seasonal depression, mixed in with COVID, definitely not having it. I love that all of these home decor hacks can make you feel like you’re living in luxury. Thanks for sharing these finds!

    Nancy ✨

    1. Ironically my husband brought COVID home after I posted this. Was def not fun.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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