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I don’t remember how I came across this place but I’m always looking for an excuse to go to Southlake. It’s such a cute place to shop and just stroll around! I absolutely enjoy coming here!

I saw on the Dragon House Yelp page that they served these cute bunny dumplings so I  really wanted to try this place. But when we went, they said they didn’t have any that day.

I tried again a second time and they said that they took them off the menu. I sobbed on the inside.

We tried a handful of their dumplings and fell in love!

I finally get to check off  Soup Dumplings from my foodie bucket list and they are DELICIOUS.

Dragon House Southlake

We got the Dumplings sampler, The Juicy Dumplings, Hot & Sour Soup and Eggrolls for the kiddo.

I originally came here for the Rabbit Dumplings but I heard they stopped serving those sadly. So my dream of trying Rabbit Dumplings will have to wait.

The Dumplings sampler was really good; I preferred the Seafood and the Chicken Dumplings. The Juicy Dumplings were  the best. I don’t know why it took me so long to try Juicy/Soup Dumplings but I have clearly been missing out! I love these things. The texture of these dumplings, which are house made by the way, is so chewy and so perfect.

The kiddo loves the Eggrolls!

We’ve been back here once or twice since our first visit and I enjoy it so much every single time. The staff is wonderful and though the Dumplings don’t look like much, they definitely CAN fill you up! If you’re ever in Southlake, Texas then I highly HIGHLY suggest trying this place out!

I’m so bummed there isn’t a place closer to Fort Worth that serves Dumplings but then I’ll find any reason to go to Southlake; it’s such a cute city with a gorgeous shopping plaza. Perfect for afternoon strolls and window shopping or you know, real shopping. Lots of great places to eat and everything close enough that you can even run your weekly errands on your way home!

Now on to find more Dumpling houses around the area!

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