Tums’ First Sprinkles Cupcake

We finally went to Sprinkles Cupcakes with Tums! I stopped by to get the Mardi Gras cupcake (which was delicious, btw) and decided to get her her first cupcake: a vanilla mini.

Her birthday is next week so I figured, why not. It would be a test to see how she’ll handle her smash/bday cake. I haven’t exactly decided what we’re going to do just yet. The whole Corona Shut Down pretty much ruined all the birthday plans we had for her first birthday and for my birthday. Soooo yeah. I wanted to do a photoshoot for her first birthday at like a studio but I’m not sure if the photo studio is even still open. So that sucks. And I wanted to do a smash cake photo shoot myself with her but it doesn’t really look like that’s going to happen either…

And I mean I could always do it  after the shut down… but no telling how long this whole thing will last. Soo, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do but I feel like I should have had her first birthday plans figured out by now.

Totally failing in the mama department. This whole Corona freak out is just throwing me off completely. And I know I’m not the only one!

When I did Tum’s 1/2 birthday shoot she wasn’t really interested in the cake or anything. She barely ate table food at that point so she was basically just playing with the cake rather than doing anything else with it.

But now that she’s a whole 6 months older A LOT has changed! She definitely eats table food. And don’t you dare give her a piece of food then take it away for any reason or she will cry her little eyes out lol (seriously, I forgot to snap her cookie in half earlier and she was struggling to eat it so I grabbed a new cookie to break in half and ate the first one and she FLIPPED OUT. Chill homegirl, I’m just trying to help you not choke).

So she definitely went in on this poor little cupcake.

Sure 1/3 of it probably fell in her high chair but the fact she really ate it and licked the frosting off her hands was insane lmao. It was so fun to watch her enjoy her first Sprinkles cupcake! I still don’t think she’s old enough for a full sized one just yet though lol. Maybe next year. Or the year after!

I’m still amazed at just how messy babies are when they eat. I get that like their hand-to-mouth coordination isn’t 100% there but sometimes I wonder if they’re just not even trying at all lmao. Like literally, how did she get frosting in her hair?! JUST HOW?!

She definitely needed a quick bath/rinse off after this. But I had actually made her a little bubble bath at which she ended up splashing around and getting water all over the floor and splashing me with water. This girl is such a trip and despite my OCD and anxiety about things, it’s so hard to stay mad or anxious when she’s laughing and trying to get you to laugh and play with her!

I definitely got lucky with this kid, and I’ll never stop reminding her just how lucky we are to have her in our lives or how long we waited for her.

… now to figure out her birthday plans for next weekend.

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