Why I Cancelled 2020 For My Family

When it comes to this pandemic there are a few things to strongly consider; the health of myself, my family and most importantly the health of Tums.

I always thought I had a bad immune system but I realized that I just take super extra care to MAKE SURE to NOT get sick. My husband however doesn’t share the same habits. And he gets sick not only  easily but FREQUENTLY. And that makes it hard for me and Tums since he just freely spreads whatever he has to us. All the time. And no matter how much I bitch and complain and tell him to do better he just… doesn’t. I honestly don’t get it, but maybe it’s a guy thing. The thing about me when I get sick though is I get sick hard. And if I’m out then I feel like the whole household just falls apart.

I’ll admit, when this whole thing started my mom warned me as early as Jan/Feb. She didn’t have much info, just the basics. And that it was a serious illness. I didn’t think too much of it and I guess it’s because CA had their lock down way before TX even considered it. We didn’t wear masks when we went out (not many people did), and we didn’t think much of it at all.

Then in early March Bubba got Tums and I sick. It was the worst I had ever seen Tums, I took her to the ER that night and they ran some tests on her and gave her medicine. She managed to bounce back pretty fast. I on the other hand spent most of March sicker than I had ever felt in my adult life. The worst part is I got sick about 2 weeks before TX decided to SIP. So by the time I was well enough to go out again everyone had panic bought everything.

Since the SIP has happened and more info has been released we’ve taken precautions; I honestly haven’t eaten at a restaurant or really gone shopping for fun since early March. We haven’t made any plans to go anywhere despite things slowly opening back up. I’m super paranoid about it all for some reason. But I guess it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I have a handful of friends (mostly from Florida) that act like Covid isn’t a big deal. And maybe to some it won’t be but I personally hate being sick in general and I absolutely worry about Tums after her last flu. If I can prevent her from ever getting sick again, I will (I know that’s unrealistic but I’m still going to try).

We had a Disneyland trip set for Sept that I was really lookin forward to for Halloween. Then a trip to see my family and friends to meet Tums in November that we had to cancel since my mom is high risk anyway. I decided to just cancel both trips just to be safe. Tums is a bit late on her shots as well because her doc said she didn’t need her 9mo shots and when her 12mo came up it was right after SIP started and they weren’t letting people in the hospital.

It’s definitely hard to try and keep the family safe when Texans are still struggling with face masks. It’s gotten to the point where I run errands and the hubs keeps Tums in the car with him. I hate that babies are too small to wear masks and there’s no way to really protect them when out. It’s definitely upsetting having to cancel all of our trips for the year. Especially considering my mom is high risk. I’m hoping that next year some of this will settle down enough to be able to make a trip or two. But I heard it’ll be a few years until things are anywhere near “normal” again.

In the meantime I’ll do what I can to keep us, especially the little one healthy.

How are you coping with this pandemic?


  1. We are coping but just barely. Its hit us financially pretty hard. Not to mention anytime we get sick i worry its covid. Currently we are all fighting a head cold. Just stuffy noses. But you still worry. But what if…

    I’m so sorry you had to cancel your trip to Disney for Halloween. That sounds like it would have been so fun. My husband has never been. We were planning on going in June but that didn’t happen.

    Sending love you your family and that you stay safe and healthy.

    Also. Yes!!! To the husband thing lol. big man babies if you ask me…

    1. We had a Disney World trip in May I was SO excited about.. but they cancelled that for us. Super bummed. But you’re right. It’s better to stay home and stay safe, Disney isn’t going anywhere! I had a migraine all last week and kept googling Covid symptoms. This pandemic is so stressful.

      Sending your family good vibes! Stay safe!

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